Michael is a self-made man, started it’s own business, and now it’s worth millions of dollars. When he fell in love with his secretary, who is 40 years younger, he thought he had it all. Michael could strut with his beautiful young wife, and Lisa could strut with the latest designer clothes.  But when Michael told Lisa his secret, she quickly became more successful than her husband and divorced him.


Michael is a successful business owner, and when his secretary was about to resign he had to hire a new one. Lisa was the lucky girl who got the job. She had 2 months to learn everything before she had to do everything by herself. Michael decided to throw a thank you party to thank his old secretary for her 20 year service. It was at that party that Michael and Lisa really hit it off.

6 months later, Michael and Lisa got married. Lisa moved from her small one bedroom apartment to Michael’s mansion with pool and tennis court. She slowly got rid of all her cheap and worn clothes, and replaced it with designer clothes. Soon she had a room filled with all her new designer clothes, shoes, handbags, and all sorts of expensive stuff. But when she bought everything she ever wanted, she was left feeling empty inside.

Thanks to Michael’s secret, Lisa was able to start her own business.

When she had everything she ever wanted, she didn’t feel any accomplishment anymore from her job. She wanted to start her own little business, but didn’t know how. But she knew someone who would love to help her. She asked Michael for advice, but he was reluctant to do so. After a while, he complied and he told her about the book that changed everything for him. She successfully started her own business, and after three years it was even more successful than her husband’s. Because she was making more money than Michael ever did, she decided to divorce him and go her own way